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It's Where We're From

The name Port City is an ode to our hometown, Stockton, California. Stockton is where we work. It is where we play. It is where we have chosen to raise our families.

Stockton and the great people in it have shaped our values: always take the high road, work with good people, give your family a hug for me, and take pride in what you do.

Main Crew

Kristen Dyke

Partner/ Director of Marketing

Are you familiar with the Tasmanian Devil? When he’s in hurricane form and all you see are legs, arms, and body parts flying around? Yeah, that’s Kristen. But underneath her hurricane is a calm project manager sending deadlines, gantt charts, and politely stern emails to vendors and suppliers. And just like Taz in the early 90’s, she’s straight up everywhere. Have you seen the list of non-profits she works with, or the number of contacts she has? In the world of marketing, that’s the type of person you want managing your campaigns – a calm center in the marketing storm.

Project Management
80's Jams
3 AM Web Design

Dan Natividad

Partner/ Director of Strategy

Dan’s wife loves football but would rather not watch it with him. He keeps rewinding the darn game. And he’s not rewinding to relive a great touchdown run or an explosive hit. It’s cause he’s “trying to read the defense” and “studying the play design”. He loves the strategy. Dan’s wife rolls her eyes as he says, “see this play, here’s the QB’s read. If the free safety comes up: post to Davis; and if the free safety follows Davis, then dig route to Crabtree. Simple, brilliant, and effective”. His love of strategy bleeds into the business world. His goal is to provide clients with solutions and strategies that are simple, brilliant, and effective.

Tactical Development
Burrito Supremeness
Love for Jimmy Garoppolo

Melissa Brum

Digital Media Coordinator

If positivity was a person, it would be Melissa. With the ultimate can-do attitude and a permanent smile, Melissa’s enthusiasm radiates through her dedication to client satisfaction. A recent graduate of the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Melissa holds a BA in Communications and Media Technology, making her a digital content-creating wizard. When Melissa isn’t busy working on a website or editing a video, she’s more than likely playing with, talking about, or doting over her adorable four-legged fur baby, Sophie.

Web Development
Dog Photography
Lululemon Athleticwear

Lexi Abood

Traffic Coordinator

In the world of deadlines, due dates, and overall organization—everyone needs a Lexi. With a BA in Organizational Communication and a minor in Marketing from Chico State University, Lexi is equipped to handle it all, and is a vital cog in the multi-faceted machine that is marketing. Clients can rest easy knowing that Lexi is working diligently to ensure that every t is crossed, i is dotted, and need is met. In addition to her project management expertise, Lexi has ample experience in digital and social media marketing, with the perfect eye for style. When Lexi isn’t busy creating a perfectly polished spreadsheet or project plan, she enjoys shopping, wine tasting, iPhone-ography, and doting on her loveable golden retriever, Harper.

Project Management
Target Runs
Cheese Board Building

Shawna Holm

Senior Graphic Designer

When it comes to design, Shawna has seen it all! From creating logos and branding packages to laying out an 80 page magazine, she’ll be sure the finished product not only looks fantastic, but is also done on time and on budget. With her extensive experience in printing and production she’s a self proclaimed “design dork” who geeks out over packaging at the grocery store, saves junk mail for inspiration, and usually has Pantone books her in purse… just in case! When Shawna isn’t busy making clients look good, she’s teaching graphic design at University of the Pacific, doing yoga, or living the #momlife with her two energetic boys.

Graphic Design
Toddler Coordination
Yoga Mastery