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Film & Multimedia

With technology today, everyone’s a filmmaker. However not everyone can tell a compelling story through film.  Port City has expertise in both narrative (pre-scripted w/actors) and documentary style filmmaking, and we’re not ashamed to say we’re pretty darn good at both. From conceptualizing, script writing, story boarding, casting, hiring, scheduling, filming, editing, and coffee running, we do it all. 

Water Conservation PSAs
Client: City of Malibu

Project: During one of the worst droughts in recent memory, the City of Malibu contracted with Port City Marketing to produce four public service announcements bringing attention of the drought to Malibu residents, and educating them on ways to conserve water. The overall project included the PSAs, a City-Wide water conservation fair, and a rebrand of the City Water Programs. The PSAs were shown on local television and the City’s social media and digital channels.   


Tyger Tiger Burning Bright
Client: Pacific Athletics

Project: Pacific Athletics contracted with Port City Marketing to develop a brand story that better resonated with current student-athletes, recruits, coaches, and staff. This video was a part of the project. Since Dan has a weird obsession with the poet William Blake, he declared “we gotta include my boy Billy Blake’s The Tyger into this! It’s so perfect”. Internally we named the project Fearful Symmetry in honor of Blake and to reflect the struggle of student athletes as they pursue academic and athletic excellence. Dan is a nerd.

209 Take a Look

Project: 209 Take is Look is a pet project that we use as a lab to test out new ideas and software. The focus of the project is to provide a deeper look at the interesting people and hidden gems that make Stockton and the Central Valley region great. Our hope is that the stories will inspire others to seek out greatness in our region and to challenge the bad. We live in a great region, full of diversity, full of entertainment, full of joy, and full of great people and stories. And we get the sense that some people just don’t realize what we have.

Refresh San Joaquin
Client: San Joaquin Public Health and the STOPP Coalition

Project: San Joaquin Public Health contracted with Port City Marketing to develop a campaign to warn the community of the dangers of second hand smoke and to inform stakeholders of the Refresh San Joaquin Program. Refresh San Joaquin is a county wide initiative designed to improve the health of San Joaquin residents by increasing access to and availability of fresh, healthy foods and beverages and by decreasing promotion of unhealthy products and advertising in the retail setting.