About Us

Where we’re from

The name Port City is an ode to our hometown, Stockton, CA.

Stockton is where we work. It is where we play. It is where we have chosen to raise our families.

Stockton and the great people in it have shaped our values: always take the high road, work with good people, give your family a hug for me, and take pride in what you do.

What we do

We’re all about telling a great story.

Great stories stop you in your tracks. They require immediate reaction. They are honest.

But most importantly, really great stories cause action. At Port City, we inspire action by communicating a great story to the right people in the right way. And we tell your story through brilliant design, beautiful strategy, and flawless execution.

Who we are

We are experienced marketing practitioners.

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We’ve had heated arguments over Pantone Blue 072 M and Pantone Blue 072 C.

We’ve led in-house marketing teams for startups, mid-sized companies, and billion dollar organizations. So we know how many rounds of approvals you need. We’ve also been in the trenches; with the carpel tunnel and Excel skills to prove it.

We’re passionate about marketing, design, and strategy. And we’ll slap your wrists if you think any of them are the same.