The Ever Changing Algorithm: A Marketers Dilemma


In January, Facebook updated their news feed algorithm in order to reduce the number of “promotional” posts. While the update is ultimately better for the end user, this update and several others over the past few years have made it increasing difficult for brands to reach Facebook eyeballs. If you’d like a closer look at some of these changes, Kevan Lee at Buffer has a good blog post that you should check out.

For large brands who utilize multiple media channels, have the budget to boost posts, and who employ content writers, these changes might be a minor blip on the screen, but for smaller organizations with limited resources (such as non-profits), the ever changing news feed algorithm can add up to a big problem.

The cool folks at Marketo posted a very interesting infographic (below) that explored the relationships between companies and Facebook.  So what do you think? Is it the end of the Facebook free-for-all?