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Use these tips to attract, retain customers

Whether you own a corporation or manage a small business, you need to understand marketing psychology. Offering a superb service or product is only one part of your business; promoting and persuading is another. The psychology of marketing is about...
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Best of San Joaquin

Port City was honored to accept first place 2017 Best of San Joaquin award for Marketing and PR firm. Thank you to all those who voted and of course our amazing clients who made this possible.  

Unselfish commitment

Read Original article by the Stockton Record Here. ‘Unselfish commitment’ marks Young ATHENA winner Kristen Dyke thought Monday’s meeting at the Child Abuse Prevention Council, for which she is president of the board, was to discuss agency business. That was...
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Building your Brand Through Cereal

Nine times out of 10 when a company asks us for “a new brand,” what they mean is a new logo, visual identity, and/or a new name. While a logo and name are important, they are just a tiny part...
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I’m A Great Lover

People often ask us what the difference is between marketing, branding, graphic design, and public relations.  I find that these panels from Liquid Agency’s Marty Neumeier, More specifically Marty’s book, ZAG: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands, often do the trick.

Choose Your Funnel

That darn internet changed everything.  It not only changed WHERE people go to shop, but more importantly HOW people make purchase decisions. According to the CEB, the average business to business customer has already gone through 60% of the purchase...
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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Port City. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Port City wants to remind you that in love and marketing, sometimes simple and sincere is better than ornate and flowery. Exhibit 1: Johnny Cash’s letter to June Carter.